Hi, I am Amanda Pilewski

and photos mean everything to me. Time is such a gift and the ability to capture that special moment and keep it in our hands is something that I will always treasure. I began capturing those moments more seriously as a newlywed on my way to Hawaii and Italy. I became further obsessed with photography as Madison, my first daughter, was born and I did not want to miss a minute of her growth. Excited, I began sharing my captured memories with others and came across other photographers who mentored me on wedding photography. Over the years I have begun to grow a larger portfolio, outside of my profession of physical therapy, and it has grown much more than a hobby. I was always interested in art; whether that was purchasing my first camera as a little girl, taking photography and film classes in high school, or completing oil paintings at a local art studio after marrying Neil. Photography allows me to bring my creativity to sessions or wedding days, and to style images in a way I know my clients will enjoy. I hope while you are here you are able to view my portfolio and we may possibly get to work with each other in the future!

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